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fair produced, organic or recycled materials 

Have you ever wondered whether your mattress and blanket were manufactured sustainably? At Naturwelten you can find all those products which you use on a daily basis without necessarily thinking of the way they have been produced. They sell bedsheets made from natural fibers such as camel wool, silk, or hemp, as a plant-based alternative. They sell furniture made of solid wood, which is sustainable and can be easily repolished if needed. You can order custom-size mattresses, for example for an old crib that you still had at home for your newborn baby.

Naturwelten is primarily an organic and fair-trade baby and children's clothing store. They emphasize the use of natural fibers like cotton, wool or linen because it is not only more comfortable and breathable but also more sustainable. They avoid fibers made from recycled plastic but use it in items like raincoats or -trousers. Their selection of children's clothes, shoes, and toys covers the whole spectrum of colors and all age categories up to 14 years.



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