Nutrition plays a key role in preserving biodiversity and nature, as well as in protecting animal welfare. We therefore list places where people are committed to promote organic products or – at least – regional products, as well as fair-trade goods, people who do care for the respect of the seasonal characteristic. In addition, it is important to us to show places where you can find a large choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes. The importance of what is served on the table does however not detract us from looking at what finishes in the garbage bin! We therefore provide a strong support to best practices in the fields of zero (packaging) waste and anti-food waste.


Plant-based restaurant located in the heart of the city

Café um Eck

Get yourself a new book and enjoy a delicious meal at Café um Eck


Inclusion + falafel + up-cycling = Chiche!

Escher Kafé

The Escher Kafé ain't just an ordinary café: Bowling, Bike repair or Expo Artwork.


Perfect for vegan breakfast, brunch and lunch

Intense Coffee

A place of well-being filled with plants, specialty coffee and vegan snacks

Kaf Lokal

Your grocery and bistrot with locally produced food!


Coworking and vegan soulfood easily combined


100% organic restaurant in Pfaffenthal


The vegan secret spot in Luxembourg city for coffee and snacks


Vegan food in the south of Luxembourg

Snack in Joy

Delicious fast food and traditional dishes but in a vegan way


Travel the world without leaving Luxembourg