Fashion plays an important role in our lives. Just as for the food field, fashion is a domain where young people can clearly make a difference, with no big effort. The shops we recommend offer trendy clothes that match all criteria of socially fair labour and ecologically sustainable production. But above all, those shops are the best addresses for second hand clothes in Luxembourg, and are therefore simply THE ultimate ecological fashion alternative. Please note that a part of this category is also dedicated to cosmetics that are produced in a sustainable and animal-friendly way.


Colourful upcycled clothes made out of indian fabrics


Second Hand Shop in the city

Lët’z Refashion

Pop-up store selling second-hand or upcycled clothing by regional designers

Miss Bak

Natural bodycare with African roots

Pardon my closet

Second hand store selling modern and fashionable clothes for women


Secondhand store with a big variety and low prices