Without committed and dedicated individuals, our society is doomed to failure. That is why organizations that campaign for social and ecological issues are of inestimable value. Many young people do want to make good use of their free time and contribute to making a better world. Consequently, it is important to have organizations that involve them, and that offer the possibility to acquire new knowledge whilst having a good time amongst peers. Therefore, in this category, the reader will find organizations that meet this fundamental concept, and that support young people in their actions for building a better future for man and nature.


Jonker, Kënschtler a jonk Kënschtler


Den Facilitec ass bitt dir alles wat s du brauchs fir een néien Projet ze starten


Engagéierte Jugendgrupp mat spannende Projete ronderëm d'Thema Nohaltegkeet

Radio ARA

Den eenzege Community-Radio zu Lëtzebuerg