Culture is a key element for cohesion in our society. The cultural offer broadens people’s horizons and offers furthermore the possibility to have a critical look at the society. That is why our purpose is to present cool places that offer room for young national artists, as well as space for events that allow young people likewise to play a role in their organizing.  Our biggest drive remaining the goal of listing events that are related to ecological themes, and that are certified “green events”, respectively that are aiming to become certified green events in the future.


Konschtgalerie vu lokale Kënschtler déi och Course fir Jonker ubidden

CITIM Library

Op Literatur aus an iwwert de globale Süde spezialiséiert Bibliothéik

CID Library

Op Gender-Theme spezialiséiert Bibliothéik


Kulturellen Hotspot bei der Gare