When engaging in this project, we knew from the start that we had to adopt specific criteria in order to select and present noteworthy shops, locations, restaurants, cafés, organizations as well as places of cultural interest.

But soon we learned that it was quite impossible to verify and establish criteria that are 100 percent objective.

That is why we attach particular importance to openness and transparency whilst explaining the criteria that led us to our selection on these pages ... after all, we do not want to promote some greenwashing project.  First, we had in mind to draw up a genuine checklist with binding criteria.  But we had to give up that idea quickly. Just an example to illustrate why: if a café serves organic coffee amongst other coffee(s), does this meet the criteria assessed? Or: if there is organic coffee on offer as well as organic wine, but no organic beer, is that sufficient reason not to put the café/restaurant on our list? And can we even totally control this each time?

We adopted the following solution: for each category, we sat up guidelines to help us decide whether a certain café/restaurant/shop/place ... matches the latter or not. So, during our meetings, those guidelines lead our discussions and enable us to take a mutual decision on which name fits into the picture. 

We thus hope to honour the commitment and the willingness to improve that are both of utmost importance if we wish to progress – as a society – towards a more socially responsible and ecologically equitable world.


Nutrition plays a key role in preserving biodiversity and nature, as well as in protecting animal welfare. We therefore list places where people are committed to promote organic products or – at least – regional products, as well as fair-trade goods, people who do care for the respect of the seasonal characteristic. In addition, it is important to us to show places where you can find a large choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes. The importance of what is served on the table does however not detract us from looking at what finishes in the garbage bin! We therefore provide a strong support to best practices in the fields of zero (packaging) waste and anti-food waste.

1. organic products
2. seasonal products
3. regional products
4. fair trade
5. vegan or vegetarian
6. no food waste
7. zero Waste


Fashion plays an important role in our lives. Just as for the food field, fashion is a domain where young people can clearly make a difference, with no big effort. The shops we recommend offer trendy clothes that match all criteria of socially fair labour and ecologically sustainable production. But above all, those shops are the best addresses for second hand clothes in Luxembourg, and are therefore simply THE ultimate ecological fashion alternative. Please note that a part of this category is also dedicated to cosmetics that are produced in a sustainable and animal-friendly way.

1. second-hand
2. fair produced
3. regional production
4. organic or recycled materials
5. no animal testing


Without committed and dedicated individuals, our society is doomed to failure. That is why organizations that campaign for social and ecological issues are of inestimable value. Many young people do want to make good use of their free time and contribute to making a better world. Consequently, it is important to have organizations that involve them, and that offer the possibility to acquire new knowledge whilst having a good time amongst peers.

Therefore, in this category, the reader will find organizations that meet this fundamental concept, and that support young people in their actions for building a better future for man and nature.


Culture is a key element for cohesion in our society. The cultural offer broadens people’s horizons and offers furthermore the possibility to have a critical look at the society. That is why our purpose is to present cool places that offer room for young national artists, as well as space for events that allow young people likewise to play a role in their organizing.  

Our biggest drive remaining the goal of listing events that are related to ecological themes, and that are certified “green events”, respectively that are aiming to become certified green events in the future.


You want to clear your mind and recharge your batteries? You are seeking for new inspirations and good vibes?  Then this is THE category you have to explore: it reflects all the favourites of the move. -activists. Whether you prefer to hike amidst the wonders of nature, or do your favourite sports in a cool place, or chill in some spot with breath-taking views ... we know where to go and enjoy Luxembourg at its best, without digging deep into your pockets.

N.B.: please note that there are no special criteria for this category ... but simply subjective recommendations from our active move. -members!


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