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Upcycling, Fair Fashion

Devï is not just a clothing store but a movement in the fashion industry. In 2018 the founder of Devï completed an internship in India at the project "Saheli Women". This non-profit organization aims to financially support a small village through the production of ethical clothing. Devï works with this NGO to sell "upcycled clothes with a story." The clothes are made by small family businesses or social enterprises that the founder personally knows and visits every year.  

When buying a garment at Devï, you receive a card with the faces and stories of the family who made it. Inside the store, behind the cashier's counter, all these faces are displayed on a Wall of Fame.  

The clothing pieces are made from recycled saris (traditional long Indian robes) or fabric remnants, making each piece unique. Most of the clothes are made from silk and some are made from viscose or suzani, a thick cotton fabric that is hand-stitched and often used as wall tapestries. The designs of the clothes are European but have a strong connection to Indian culture through the use of traditional fabrics.  

Devï also focuses on applying a minimum waste policy, for example by using fabric scraps to make patchwork bags, scrunchies, or pouches. 



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