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Situated in Limpertsberg, Lena specialises mostly in premium and luxury brands. With a good selection of women’s handbags and one of our favourite ways of arranging items, by colour that is, even just entering the shop feels like a rather pleasant rainbow surprise. Picking your favourite item can be hard due to the big selection of items of good quality - you need a good hour to go through everything that is on offer. This is one of the oldest second-hand shops in the city - it dates for more than a decade and it keeps going strong. The visitor is free to roam around, explore the racks for as long as he pleases and try items on without feeling any pressure to hurry up, but can kind assistance will be provided, if needed. You should visit if you have expensive taste and you think of fashion shopping as an investment.

“lena brings a bit of retro and vintage vibes in the neighbourhood of Limpertsberg.”
– pelagia



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