Eat good: Restaurants, cafés & food-stores that offer organic, seasonal, fair-trade and regional products, offer a broad vegetarian & vegan choice and promote zero-waste.

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Vegan food in the south of Luxembourg


Coworking and vegan soulfood easily combined

Broaden your mind: Support local artists, expose yourself to unconventional ideas and find certified green events.
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Slow down Fashion: Get your hands on the finest second-hand, sustainable fair-fashion and vegan cosmetics.

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Pardon my closet

Second hand store selling modern and fashionable clothes for women


Secondhand store with a big variety and low prices

Be an activist: Find organizations that help you to change the world for the better and enjoy time with other passionate people.
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Advocating for cycling and cyclists


Bringing together artists and teenagers


Do you want to start a new project? Well Facilitec might be the right place.


Take a chill pill: Our personal suggestions on places which let you appreciate Luxembourg’s beauty without spending money.

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Go see the animals at Deierenpark, it's for free!


The most important recreational area in Esch


move. is the youth section of Mouvement Ecologique and is dedicated to the creation of a conscious society moving towards a sustainable future. Our main goal is the empowerment of young people, so that they can speak up and ensure that their voices are heard. The main topics for move. are climate change, biodiversity, globalization, mobility, agriculture and participation. Move. is a meeting point for all young people interested in learning, debating, as well as working on different projects and having fun together.

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6, rue Vauban / L-2663 Luxembourg

(+352) 439030-32

Looking for a challenge?

Join the move.approved rally!

Regardless of whether you already know all the sustainable spots in Luxembourg or if you are still discovering those places: get your own move.approved stamp card and collect stamps by visiting at least 10 addresses that are part of the move.approved guide!

Until the end of the year, anyone can participate in the rally. If you return the fully stamped card either at the Oekozenter Pafendall or at one of the addresses participating in move.approved, you have the chance to win a prize from one of the participating restaurants and cafes.

With a bit of luck, you have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

Get your own stamp card at Oekozenter Pafendall or in (nearly) any of the participating addresses!
Any questions left? Write us: [email protected] or move.meco (Instagram)