escher Theater

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Local theater with a broad variety of local artists


Located in the heart of Esch, the city’s theatre offers a large range of entertaining opportunities for the young and elderly. A varied and colourful theatre program focuses on people of all age groups, languages (Luxembourgish, German, French and English) and cultures, as well as areas of interest. And there is not only theatre on offer: throughout the year, dance, circus, musical performances and artistic exhibitions complete the picture. Youngsters and students benefit from special one-year subscriptions offering theatre tickets below 5 Euros. Not to forget the cultural pass – “Kulturpass” - that allows the holder to enjoy every performance or exhibition for less than 1,5 Euros. For family fun, and educational enhancement, there are special workshops and theatre representations for children. The annual (both entertaining and educational) program also aims at school classes of different cycles. The whole teams of “Escher Theatre” are committed to promoting young and unknown artists from Luxembourg and its surrounding area. There’s something for everyone. So, if you are not yet a fan of theatre, dance or vocal performances, come and have a look. You’ll be surprised!   



One of the cultural hotspots in Luxembourg