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strenghtening communities, giving a voice to the youth


Radio Ara is Luxembourg’s only community radio and offers a varied and original program. Put in simple terms: a community radio is a project that involves citizens, groups and clubs (cfr move.’s podcast “Um comptoir”(at the bar counter)) to produce broadcasts in several languages, thus promoting media pluralism. Besides, the audience may discover several types of music styles. Young people also get the chance to have their say by producing the radio show named Graffiti which is broadcasted from Monday to Friday, from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. All this makes Radio Ara an important and precious radio station that offers alternative, open and various information - like no other station in Luxembourg! 

Et trëfft een op mega angenehm Mënschen an d'Radiosendungen a Podcasten si mega!
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One of the cultural hotspots in Luxembourg