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Pilea is a second-hand shop which also offers a nice selection of cake, coffee, tea and lovely decorative plants. Situated in the train station area, Pilea is a spot easy to reach and with a flexible time-table and a fair selection of items for men, women and children. Naturally, most items are for women and the articles are updated regularly, sometimes as often as once a week. Prices range from 10 to 100 euros plus. One can find a mix of high-street, fast fashion brands as well as some middle or high-range labels and some variety in sizes. You can either donate your unwanted clothes or deposit them at Pilea and wait for someone to give them a new life. A big plus is the location, as a visit to the shop can be combined with lunch or grocery shopping at OUNI further down the street and the friendly staff. Extra bonus: the founder’s dog that is enhancing the loving vibe of this cosy spot that reminds us of alternative Berlin spots.

"nice collection of thrifted items, delicious vegan pastries and stylish bouquets of dried flowers" - Pelagia


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